Gate Installation and Operating Devices in Anaheim, California

Choose from a wide variety of quality gates at our fence company in Anaheim, California. We also offer affordable and comprehensive gate installation services.

Automated Gate

Enjoy the convenience and security of an automated gate on your property. Nowlin Fence Inc. installs automatic gates to suit your needs. Our gates are designed to accommodate any vehicle size. We have different gate styles and work with you to make sure you have the best. In addition, we offer a variety of activation options, such as sensors and remote controls.

Gate Operating Devices

Nowlin Fence Inc. has a large selection of access control devices, safety and security systems, and other devices. These include swinging, sliding and vertical lift door operating devices. Styles range from single slide and bi-parting to single swing and double swing.

Some of the markets we serve are the architectural, chemical, nuclear and construction industries. In addition to ensuring appropriate clearance of system controls from a moving gate, other specific gate features include items such as:  

• Inherent Reversing Device in the Gate Operator
• Edge Sensors & Photoelectric Eyes
• Enclosed Track
• Screen Mesh & Guarding for Exposed Rollers
• Vertical Guard Posts
• Electrical Devices & Hardware
• Instructional & Precautionary Signage
• Entry, Safety, Backup Systems & Devices 
• Prewired Control Panels


Contact us to request an estimate for prompt and affordable gate installation services that cater to your exact specifications.