Commercial Fences & Security Fences in Anaheim, California

Put a protective barrier around your business by turning to our fence company in Anaheim, California, for commercial fences and security fences. Our team of professionals is fully trained to handle all of your fence needs.

Commercial Fence Services

Commercial fences provide a secure border around your property, whether it is commercial or industrial. Nowlin Fence Inc. works with many types of fencing materials and styles and can recommend the appropriate style and material to fit your property.

Security Fences

Safeguard your valuables and property by allowing our team to install security gates and fences. A security fence deters any potential threats and prevents loss. We use the highest quality materials to give you the peace of mind you seek.

Chain-Link Fences

A chain-link fence surrounds the property and ensures that any vulnerable areas are secured. These fences can be customized to fit a variety of property sizes to guarantee your perimeter is completely covered.

Fence, Security Fences in Anaheim, CA

Iron Fence, Security Fences in Anaheim, CA

Wrought Iron Fences and Wrought Iron Gates

Upgrade the look of your property with a classy wrought iron fence. Nowlin Fence Inc. builds a beautiful wrought iron fence based on your specifications. This type of fence provides a certain elegance that impresses your guests without compromising the integrity of your security.

Fencing Products, Fencing Parts and Fencing Supplies

Whether you want to do it yourself or you need assistance from our team, we offer a variety of products to suit your fencing needs. Some of our materials are:

• Chain Link
• Wrought Iron
• Electric Gates
• Razor Ribbon
• Barbwire
• Gate Openers
• Trex® Board
• Wood Fences
• Security Fences
• Bumper Posts
• Gates

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